Tuesday, May 31, 2011

365 {5.31.11}

some happy mail arrived today~I will show you what is inside tomorrow :)

may 31 a rs

Monday, May 30, 2011

365 {5.30.11}

Happy Memorial Day (a little late~since it is 8:30 pm)!! I had planned on a family cookout today (like we do every year), but Mike was still not feeling up to that (hoping the drugs start working soon!!). Instead I made a big dent in my to-do list, which always makes me feel good!!

So instead of BBQ ribs on the grill, sweet corn and baked beans (which I will put on hold for Father's Day)...this is what Mike and I had for dinner; I am not complaining, cause I could eat pasta every single day ;) it's just not your typical Memorial day fare.

may 30 rs

Sunday, May 29, 2011

365 {5.29.11}

Today I was going to take my usual Sunday afternoon nap~when I moved the 4 pillows that I keep on the love seat, I found this little goodie tucked away for later, LOL!!

I think Kodi is a

may 29 a rs

may 29 b rs a

(Don't mind Crazy Pete~he is just taking his daily bath, LOL!!!)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

365 {5.28.11}

Today Ashley and I went to Walmart (exciting stuff!!) ~we were looking for a new toy for her dog Hershey; and I happened to see this gentle leader dog harness, I have been reading up on these types of harnesses, and decided to buy it for Kodi (because...he sometimes likes to take ME for a walk).

may 28 2 rs

Kodi and I just took it out for a test run (really test walk~as you can see by his hair all over it, LOL!!), and I have to say that this is the BEST $12 I have spent in a long time, LOL!!!

Here is Kodi's happy face to prove it :)

I am so excited for our future walks!!!

may 28 1 rs
Photos taken with my iPhone Instagram App

Friday, May 27, 2011

365 {5.27.11}

I have never been so HAPPY to pick up prescriptions in my entire life!!! I am hoping that my hubby finally gets some relief!!!

may 27 rs a

*yes mom, I blurred out our address, LOL!! (she worries about me).

365 {5.26.11}

A day late~and a dollar short!! that is they saying, LOL!!!

May 26 rs

This is Yesterday's POTD (photo of the day), I think it may be self explanatory, LOL!! Had a splitting headache all afternoon~thankfully after a few Ibuprofen and a good night sleep it seems to be much better today ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

365 {5.25.11}

I have been trying to get back into my walking routine...luckily Kodi LOVES to walk~which helps motivate me...a little.

may 25 c rs

He likes (loves)to be out front leading the way...

may 25 a rs

he wonders why I don't like to go full speed like him (he is crazy)...

may 25 b rs

and he really enjoys these...

may 25 d rs

all photos taken with my iPhone :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

365 {5.24.11}

Today I have been playing with my new toy!!!

I am learning Adobe Illustrator and a tablet and pen are pretty much a MUST have. I have an older version Intuos tablet that I have used in the past, but for some reason it wouldn't keep communicating with my computer~so I had to keep installing it (that was a pain in the you know where!!), so I went back to using my mouse. My hubby said I could get a new one (now you know why I love that guy so much!!!). **woot woot**

It is taking a little (no a lot of) getting used to, but hopefully in a few days I will have all the taps/pen clicks down! (And Mike if you are reading this~Yes, you will probably hate it, LOL!! Just think of it like your laptop scroll pad)

may 24 rs

Ok I am off to play around with my tablet :) I feel like I have two left hands and 10 thumbs!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

365 {5.24.11}

If you know me, than you know I like to snack, LOL!! This is my NEW favorite snack.

Peanut butter filled pretzels = Delish!!! The rest of my family is not really a fan of them (that is just Crazy! I cannot believe it either!!)~which means I get to eat the entire container myself, LOL!!

may 23 rs

My favorite way to eat them is to eat off the outside pretzel first and save the peanut butter filling for last (I know I am weird!!), but they are just as yummy if you eat the pretzel and peanut butter together, LOL!!.

And just for fun, here is a close up.

may 23 b rs b

Sunday, May 22, 2011

365 {5.22.11}

Josh and Jess went swimming today!! They are the first ones in our pool this year (still too cold for me, 78 degrees is the water temp, Yes I am a wimp!!). Josh tells me that once you get all the way in~it is nice (he still didn't convince me, LOL!!). Hopefully the water temp will be up to 82 degrees soon, then I can get in (can you believe I am from CT???). I guess I am a true Arizonian now!

may 22  a rs

And here is Kodi (who does not particularly care for the water, probably cause Josh threw him in last year~BAD Josh!!!), looking on, he may get the courage to try it out in a few weeks when the temps get into the triple digits :)

may 22 b rs

Saturday, May 21, 2011

365 {5.21.11}

Some nights I don't feel like making dinner...
so I don't!!

may 21 a rs

Rosati's helped me out tonight~YUM!! (we love the thin crust with spinach and mushrooms).

may 21 b rs

and on a side note...it is 6pm here in AZ and NO rapture.

Friday, May 20, 2011

365 {5.20.11}

Every year I have my carpets professionally cleaned~which I LOVE!!! As you know I am a little OCD, so with 3 cats, 1 dog and white carpeting, I tend to become a little obsessive!!!

This is the second time we have used Sears (they do a great job, btw!! And they are cheaper than Stanley Steemer).

First, I cleared out all the easy to move furniture...

may 20 a rs
(blurry I know, taken with my iPhone)

Then Chris and Jamie brought in the big bad steamer (woot woot!!)...

may 20 b rs
(taken with my iPhone)

Apparently one works and one watches, LOL!! ( I LOVE how inconspicuous my iPhone is *smile*)

may 20 c rs
(taken with my iPhone)

Viola!!! a site of beauty (Chris told me that he could not believe that this carpeting is original to the house and so clean, I let him know about my OCD, and love for vacuuming, LOL!!!).

may 20 d rs

Now just waiting for everything to finish drying so we can get the house back to normal!!!

What can I say~I live such an exciting life!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

365 {5.19.11}

After dinner drink~Iced Coffee *smile*

April 19 rs

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

365 {5.18.11}

You may remember my post last week, that my hubby was not feeling well, and we took a trip to our primary care doctor's office; well after a week of not getting much better, he was off to the doctor's office again today. They ordered some blood work (let me just say, that he HATES needles with a passion!!). I went along, for moral support, LOL!! I was sooo planning on taking a picture of him getting his blood drawn (you can imagine how thrilled he was about that), but...they had a sign up in the waiting room~NO Pictures (SERIOUSLY?? Since I am a rule follower, I didn't take any, I didn't want the Lab Police to arrest me, LOL!!).

may 18 a rs

Mike did great~so glad he had a guy who liked football draw his blood for him, because they chatted about that and I think it took his mind off of the needle for a second, or a half second, LOL!!

Here he is with his hot pink bandage and TV remote in it's usual spot.

may 18 rs

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

365 {5.17.11}

Last week The Canvas People were having a Mother's Day special~a FREE 8x10 canvas (all you have to do is pay the s & h). Soooo...I ordered myself a Mother's Day present (I however upgraded to the 11x14 for a few dollars more), LOL!! This is the second canvas I have ordered from them, and I am very happy with the quality and customer service!! Both times I got them for FREE~so that is an added perk ;)

Now I just need to figure out where I am going to hang this bad boy!!

may 17 rs

Monday, May 16, 2011

365 {5.16.11}

A sweet friend of mine has been going through a rough few months~today was a hard day for her~I wanted to give her a little something to brighten her day, if just for a few moments!!! Big hugs (you know who you are!! LOVE YA)

may 16 rs

Sunday, May 15, 2011

365 {5.15.11)

Today when Mike and I got home from church we both took a nap (a usual Sunday occurrence at the Clark house, LOL!!). I cannot believe we both slept for 2 hours (along with Kodi, who actually woke up for the picture, but it makes me laugh that his eyes are closed!!!), and yeah my legs fell asleep like that~ouch!!! I hope I can fall asleep tonight!!!

may 15 rs

And for my CT peeps~that is Mike's favorite Patriot's blanket ;)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

365 {5.14.11}

Some Saturdays are just AWESOME!!! Today, Ashley and I decided to make a trip to the Container Store~GOOD TIMES!! (thanks Jess for the gift card, I got lots of fun stuff!!). First we decided to eat lunch at Pei Wei, so we would have enough energy to do some major shopping, LOL!!!

may 14 g rs

I get soooo excited when I see the store from the road~can I just say...organizing makes me happy!!!

may 14 a rs

Thank goodness Ashley is used to my crazy photo taking, cause I took lots of pic's!! This time I used my iPhone, instead of my big camera, which was a little more discreet then our last visit. But really, I don't get embarrassed snapping photos in the container store, because~I will NEVER see those people again, and even if I did~who cares!!

may 14 b rs

may 14 f rs a
(pushing the shopping cart and trying to take a photos~makes it a little blurry, LOL!!)

We went down every aisle (twice!!), it is just soooo fun looking at all the organization stuff!! I have to admit...I do get a little overwhelmed in there and want to purchase everything so I can redo my closets, kitchen cabinets, bathroom, office, EVERYTHING!!!

After our little spending spree (I didn't break the bank, LOL!!), we went to Starbucks, and got their new mocha coconut frappuccino (I had NO idea that you can get them fat free now!! which made me almost dance with excitement~not really, LOL!). It was SUPER YUMMY and we were there during their Happy Hour, which made our beverages 1/2 price~SCORE!!

may 14 d rs

may 14 c rs

On the way out of SB's, I had to snap a picture of this dude sitting outside with a big bird on his shoulder~Ashley even held my drink and purse so I could get the shot~She ROCKS!!

may 14 e rs

I had so much fun with my FAVORITE daughter today~now it is time to put my new organizational stuff to the test :)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 13, 2011

365 {5.13.11}

Yesterday Mike and I went to Costco after work, for our monthly stock up trip, LOL!!

Since we got home around 7pm and I still had to whip up something for dinner (spaghetti)~I piled all the stuff near the pantry door to put away. Mike suggested that I "put the stuff away later, and watch the Office with him on tv" (sometimes he really helps me not be so uptight, LOL!!) Of course I put away all the perishable items and restocked our cereal/snack containers in the kitchen cupboards; but all this stuff needs to go into the pantry (my sweet hubby built me).

may 13 b rs

The story behind our pantry...Mike was laid off in 2008 for 7 months, so after that experience, we are firm believers in food storage (not crazy, hoarding type of storage, lol!). But each time we go to Costco we stock up on extra canned goods and dried items that have a long shelf life, and that I will USE (who needs tons of stuff you won't eat and end up throwing out, right??); and if things go on sale at the grocery store, I buy a few extras. See the boxes of pasta?? Those were FREE!!! I do NOT use coupons (I know, could save tons, just don't have the time or energy for them), I found this one online and it was too good to not pass up!! It went along with the the sale at my local Fry's grocery store. If you would like the coupons (which is still nice even without the sale!!), you can get it here. You can print it twice (I emailed it to Mike and Josh so I can get more for our pantry~cause we love our pasta!!).

And today meet one of our other cats, Dewey, he likes to eat and will always spot food!!

may 13 a rs

And just for fun...I have to laugh when I looked at the photos, because the Fiber One brownies (which are really good btw, and 2 WW points) are right next to the toilet paper, LOL!!!

Happy TGIF!!!

365 {5.12.11}

Blogger has been down since yesterday (5/12) morning, argh!! So here is my POTD (photo of the day) for Thursday ;)

I LOVE gifts!! Even if I buy them for myself, LOL!! If you have ever read the book Love Languages, you know that one of the languages is "gifts" and BINGO, that is my love language *smile*

Happy Mail!!!!
I really like it when I come home from work and my favorite guy in brown (UPS), has delivered me some "gifts"

may 12 b rs

Pete likes it too!!

may 12 a rs

I even like it when it is laundry products (that is my OCD talking)!! I also got some more inserts for my Project Life album (I take a lot of photos~you may have already known that about me, LOL!), since I am close to running out.

may 12 c rs

And for the record...so glad I am not seeing this anymore!!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

365 {5.11.11}

Our friend Heater posted on FB last night that she didn't feel well~of course my "mom" action took over and I asked her if I could bring her some "goodies"; well, when your sick I don't think you really consider these items goodies, LOL!!! But they are NECESSITIES!!!

may 11 b rs

may 11 a rs

Since I know she likes the color pink~I wanted to incorporate that to just make her smile :) And it is a good thing Pepto Bismol is pink!!! Cause that was included in her package, LOL!!! Hopefully it is helping with her tummy trouble!!

may 11 rs

Now to just convince her to REST!!! Get better HEATHER!!!

And of course I got some strange looks in the grocery store parking lot~because I was photographing my purchases~REALLY people~I like photos *wink*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

365 {5.10.11}

I am a "start something and finish it" kinda gal, (most of the time). However, this is what today looks like~my load of whites still waiting for me (from Sunday) in the dryer needing me to fold them...sometimes I just don't feel like doing stuff~so I DON'T, LOL!! But I think my hubby may be needing some white T-shirts (luckily my dryer has a wrinkle release cycle, LOL!!).

May 10 rs

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

365 {5.9.11}

22 years ago today (I don't know where the time has gone!!)~my FAVORITE son was born!!! Happy Birthday Josh!!!

may 9 rs

We LOVE you!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

365 {5.8.11}

Today we celebrated Mother's Day~my kids make me feel like a Rock Star!!!

may 8 rs

Saturday, May 7, 2011

365 {5.7.11}

Today while Josh was mowing the lawn, he found this baby bird who had a broken wing~we gave it some water, and put it back in the tree~I am hoping he makes it!!

May 7 rs

may 7 a rs

Enjoy today!!!